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For the first time Blue Cave (To the cave of blue? A place, directions?)

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Welcome to the Marine Club UMI!

About the Marine Club UM I! ?

The Marine Club UMI, it is SHOP of marine leisure can enjoy and experience diving, snorkeling, which is annexed to the Ryukyu Village (Ryukyu village).
In the case of travel in the family, those who want to enjoy the marine leisure to experience diving and snorkeling, other family members, such as fun and experience classroom at Ryukyu village in the meantime, make a separate action plan to meet the family of hobbies and preferences sometimes it is best.




About The Blue cave?

Okinawa main island of Onna sea, which is a typical resort is located on the west coast, the signs of fish in a rich topographical point features, the most diving points rich in Okinawa main island.

In particular, the “Cave of the blue” from the fantastic atmosphere, will attract visitors.


Way to go to the Blue Cave

Maeda either walk down the rocky from the cape and (you must swim), it will be from the harbor of Onna Maeganeku (woman Son Maeganeku) that ride on the boat.

However, the stairs of Maed Cape You must be aware also easy to slip rocks in a very steep slope.

Maed Cape

Maed Cape

Sea of Onna

Sea of Onna


I want to play the greedy Okinawa! Recommended for anyone who wants ☆

Shop is in the Ryukyu village near “Blue Grotto” and “Maeda beach” in the tour venue, it is attractive can participate willingly in the middle tourism.

The most popular, beach or entry way from the boat to choose “cave of blue snorkel.”

A fantastic world that has been wrapped in blue light, please try to experience in the whole body.

Is for those who want to taste the real thrill of the sea “little bit experience dubbing” are available.

In a great point where colorful tropical fish swim, and try to enjoy the Churaumi Okinawa.
Happy with benefits that ice cream service.
Options in Okinawa cultural experiences also enjoy, also up adequacy of the journey!

Blue Cave Okinawa

Blue Cave Okinawa

Anemone fish

Anemone fish




Please feel free to inquire. TEL 080-8556-3328 Office hours 9:00 - 19:00

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Okinawa Resort diving business Federation

Okinawa Resort diving business Federation
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