Blue cave if Onna-son experience diving to the Marine Club of UMI
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Blue cave diving (via boat)

New video

Here is a new video for you guys. 

Marineclub umi,blue cave diving,Okinawa

Rainy day

Today it’s rainy here in Okinawa. But its not that cold underwater. Sea is calm. We went to blue cave th …

Blue cave

Blue cave via boat

If you have small kids the best way to go diving is by boat. There is no need to carry the heavy dive equipmen …


Today we were very busy. But I was surprised yo see one repeater group. They came last year to do discover div …

Blue cave

Today it is raining. But the sea is very calm. All our tours are going out.  Batfish in maeda point.

Garden eel

Maeda point is famous for the blue cave. But there are more to see . Last few days i am taking a rest from doi …

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