Blue cave if Onna-son experience diving to the Marine Club of UMI
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Same-day reservation

Marine club umi is one of the leading marine sports operation in Okinawa. Our shop is located just 5 minutes d …

Tour for kids

Good morning. As it is getting warm here in Okinawa you may want enjoy a day snorkeling or diving with kids. I …


Today it is very warm here in Okinawa. It is sunny from the morning. The weather is going to be good for next …

Scuba diving

Today because of the sea condition all the tours to blue cave has been diverted to nemo point. For us safety is the number one priority. Nemo point is located very close to the shore.

New video

Here is a new video for you guys. 

Marineclub umi,blue cave diving,Okinawa

Rainy day

Today it’s rainy here in Okinawa. But its not that cold underwater. Sea is calm. We went to blue cave th …

Blue cave

stingray at maeda.

Today sea condition is perfect for diving. Here is the video of a stingray i met during morning dive at blue c …

Water temperature

Even though it is mid of October the sea around Okinawa is warm. You can enjoy one hour snorkeling or diving w …

marineclub umi, okinawa diving


The typhoon passed us. But the sea is really rough today. All our tours are canceled today as well. We are hop …

Clown fish. Nemo

Here is short video of clown fish.

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