Course Name Blue Cave snorkel (boat)
Fee ¥3,800
Time required 150-180min

This course you will take the boat to go blue cave. Please be advised that meeting time is 50 minutes before departure time. Boats have fixed departure time. If you are late you may not join the tour. If you have kids or senior citizens in your group, or you just don’t want walk on the long stairs this course is for you. The snorkeling time in the water is same as beach snorkeling. Boats don’t go inside the cave. They moored outside the blue cave and you will swim from there. Snorkeling time is around 50 minutes ( same as beach snorkeling course).

Tour departure time

9:00/10:30/12 : 00/ 14:00/15:30
from November to March we do not have 16:30 departure tour.



meeting time

meeting time will be 50 mins before your departure time. Meeting place is ryukyumura ( near information counter). You can park your car at ryukyumura .

To reserve
※ reservation by e-mail will be up to three days in advance.

※Consumption tax,snorkeling equipment fee and madical insurance is included in the price.
※Dpending on the sea condition we may change the snorkeling point.
※To perticipate in our tours, you must be 6 years old and not older than 60 years old. YOUR HEALTH CONDITION MUST BE GOOD.



Course flow

1.Meeting point


Park your car at Ryukyumura. Our staff will be there to pick you up.

2.Arriving to our shop


After 3minutes drive by our bus from Ryukyumura you will arrive to our shop.

3.Reception and payment


Filling application form and Paying the tour fee!!

4.Changing and perpetration


You will wear wetsuit,marineboots and lifjecket.
we also will provide mask and fin.



we will assign a guide for your group.(1guide per 8person)

6.Let’s go


Leaving to the pier don’t foget your mask and fin.



When you arrive to Pier your guide will give a briefing about the tour and how to use the equipment.

8.getting on the boat


※Please don’t foget your mask and fins.

9.Let’s go


It will take 7 minutes to reacn blue cave area.



Boat will moored outside the Blue cave.
you will snorkel from the boat to cave.

11.Encounter with the fish


There are many tropical fisnes in this area.

12.Blue cave


After few minutes of snorkeling you will arrive the famous Blue cave.



on the way back you can enjoy feeding Fish. They will come very close to you.



Before you go back to the boat, your guide will take off your fins.

15.Back to the shop


Our staff will escort you to the shower area.



Take off your boots first.
Than wet suit.

17.Getting your belongings


Once you are ready we will take you back to ryukyumura.
Please make sure you take all your belonging with you.

18.Back to Ryukyumura


Bye!! see you again.


To reserve
※ reservation by e-mail will be up to three days in advance.