Blue cave if Onna-son experience diving to the Marine Club of UMI

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Scuba diving

Today because of the sea condition all the tours to blue cave has been diverted to nemo point. For us safety is the number one priority. Nemo point is located very close to the shore. The outer reefs around the point protect it from strong currents and big waves. So, it’s ideal place to to your first dive. There are more than five different clown fish. It is very rare in okinawa to see that much clown fishes in one dive. If you want a nice picture with a nemo for your Christmas card, please come and join us for a dive. 


今日も青の洞窟は閉まってました! 冬になるとほとんど青の洞窟に行けないのは残念です! それとは別にそろそろクリスマスの季節です!

New video

Here is a new video for you guys. 

Marineclub umi,blue cave diving,Okinawa

Rainy day

Today it’s rainy here in Okinawa. But its not that cold underwater. Sea is calm. We went to blue cave this morning to take some pictures. Tomito is  making short videos using those pictures. Even though it was raining  a bit, the pictures are very good. 

Blue cave


みなさん、こんにちわ~! 今日は暑くて5㎜のウェットで失敗かなってって思うぐらいでした(笑) 今日来て下さったお客様の写真もすごく良い感じで撮れました❤ みなさまのお越しをお待ちしております😄

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